Welcome to the MineChill store!


Server IP: play.MineChill.net

Why should I donate to MineChill?

Here at MineChill, we like to uphold and perpetuate the best experience in the whole of Minecraft! By you donating, you're giving us the ability to further improve the server, show your appreciation for the years of hard work and development that has gone into the server, and help repay essential infrastructure, licensing and outsourced labour costs such as builds etc.

I haven't received my package?

All items should only take around 3 minutes to process then you'll receive them. However if something has gone wrong. This may take longer. Please wait up to 30 minutes for your package to arrive. If it doesn't please contact a staff member and they'll assist you :)

Refund Policy:

The packages that you purchase here are intangible / non replacable and virtual goods. And due to these facts, no refunds what so ever will be granted.

Any attemps, regardless of context, to bypass our refund policy will be met with appropriate actions as we reserve the right to take any necessary actions in order to uphold our Refund Policy. This includes but is not limited to banning your name, IP from our site and server.