Plot Mines


  1. Default configuration (these can be purchased separately below):
    1. minute reset delay
    2. 3 composition changes.
  2. We have chosen to disable Chilly, Creeper Yielder,custom enchants in the plot world.
    1. Despite the above enchants being disabled, Exploding Sheep, recieving Block Upgraders and the spawning of zombies are all still enabled.

5x5x5 PlotMine

2.80 GBP View

10x10x10 PlotMine -> 1000b³

5.00 GBP View

15x15x15 PlotMine -> 3375b³

7.00 GBP View

20x20x20 PlotMine -> 8000b³

13.00 GBP View

25x25x25 PlotMine -> 15625b³

17.00 GBP View

29x29x29 PlotMine -> 24389b³ (Full Plot within proportion)

20.00 GBP View